Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The re-birth of clouds and the air after rain - Roseanna Freiburghaus

The re-birth of clouds and the air after rain.

it started with a glance. just one glance that's all it took.

it grew, flourished

     laughed. cha cha cha dancing

the ha ha ha.  one step forward, sideways glance now


The ha ha ha only came from you.

One night                                       just one

night that's all it took                for hopes to soar


    with the stars. But that only made their fall all…the worse. From

the stars to the earth = that great deal of space.

The ha ha ha turned to hate.            i hated you and

 was glad.

For that night. That night where time                   stopped.

Stole   time            i should be with now.

And so it died. That snarling twisting beast

i stabbed. Beloved loathing replaced its stage. me,

my own audience clapped           as it took its last breath in its cage.


It started with a wave. Just one wave that's all it took.

i hated you for that too. Your ha ha ha ringing

from that wave many more            flushed over my cheeks


           You’d done it. It was born once more. Painful week of labour.

Alive again

Refused to surrender

Could not conquer.

Trapped in this ha ha ha

           i want the last laugh. To stand on a scaffold and spit it

Out                                                     but do not worry…yours

truly.  For if

You have noticed the air-            

                                      Clouds compress it


It pours. But after the rain                            the air is fresh.


New. As it was before. If you’ve noticed that – there’s nothing to



To smell the air after the rain.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Robbie Taylor

Tall stands a nettle
by the edge of a large mound
A mound of gravel

None is forlorner
than a cow in a field
one leg per corner

Charlotte Summers

Swaying in the wind
The trees tower over you
They reach at the sky

Grass does not cover all
Some parts are green, some are not
It goes poke, poke, poke

Sam Randall

A miniature world
split into darkness and light
Shadows are looming

Sky likened to sea
Above or below

The daisy - Ebony Hoyle

A daisy on the grass
moving gently in the breeze
swaying quietly

Apple - Maria-Giulia Albanese

Apple is the earth
It's bright, darkness all around
Stars fly by the apple

Laura Merrell

Helicopter leaves
Cotton wool clouds in the sky
Trees that block the view

Amy Boliter

The branches are straight
like an octopus but dead
Frozen forever

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Ashley Beaver

As the guards fly overhead
we hear the shrieks of the prisoners
The only escape, impossible

John Chessum

The birds' song is around
in the trees, in the tall grass
No other sound breaks through

Samantha Gosling

A yellow glisten
A golden ball of fire
blazing in the sky

Jodie Dellar

This very pretty flower
reminds me of my grandad
I loved him a lot

Patrick Gannon

Stinging nettles and
vapour trails in the sky
The sun is burning

Ross Collington

The wind gets switched on
It changes tempo, volume
and ferocity

Imogen Foley

Clusters of white buds
reaching for the sunshine's warmth
flowering in hope

Adam Olive

The nettle leaf is ripped
stings bared like poisonous fangs
dead without its stem

Tristan Telford

Holy, green and peaceful
all spiky on the edges
Happiness is within

Holly - Olivia Skarin-Smith

Beauty within it
all rough round the edges
Holly is beauty

Lily West

A floppy flower
reaches for the sky above but
then it bends again

Emily Goddard

Pebble like a bean
black and shiny like a gem
How can I use it?