Friday, 29 April 2011

The Sunken Swan - Millie Guille

Are you a swan upon this tide,
Or are your feathers welded down?
In reeded rivers will you hide
Or face the water-lily crown,
For though it blossoms for the rich
And only shrivels for the poor,
It holds the surface without glitch
And is a pathway to the shore.

But will the lily hold your weight,
Or will your elongated neck
Be swept away in violent fate
Though no one’s bothering to check.
Let your throat squawk. Before you drown,
Before your feathers dry and moult-
You are a queen, of rivers, lakes,
You were not built to swim through salt.

Kate - Phoebe Coleman

I’m stealing you Kate.

For a moment.
Let me lay aside
My hope for you, my pride.
The prince is stuff of fairy tales - a character steeped in gilt blood.
But the love? You can’t write that.
Because he looked at you with those eyes,
Breathed a smile across those lips,
Said all the right things.
You skipped a beat, and inked his name tacked on to yours-
Surname and title holding hands on hopeful file paper.

Blush. Sigh.

Remember the fleeting glances, the nervous laugh.
Revel in quietness with nose to nose.

Hold. Grasp.

Amidst the red, the blue, don’t lose that moment,
That still second, pink, private.

Love - Rachael O'Brien

What’s that?

Is it the bond between two people?
Is it a strong affection and personal attachment?
Is it an action or a feeling?
Is it good or is it bad?

Or maybe,
Just maybe,
Is it something that unites two souls? Makes you become possessive and faithful,
lethal and

Is that love?

Or is that an obsession?
A part of your life where you are infatuated with what some would call silliness, what others would call a feeling, an emotion that cannot be beaten and cannot be subdued.

Sometimes love is made and nurtured, rather than suddenly there.

Love can’t get in the way of dreams that you’ve had all your life.
Love doesn’t have to make you inseparable.
Love does mean that you have to support each other
Love can take time and effort
Love has to come from both hearts.

Love can happen.

Love has happened.