Friday, 29 April 2011

Love - Rachael O'Brien

What’s that?

Is it the bond between two people?
Is it a strong affection and personal attachment?
Is it an action or a feeling?
Is it good or is it bad?

Or maybe,
Just maybe,
Is it something that unites two souls? Makes you become possessive and faithful,
lethal and

Is that love?

Or is that an obsession?
A part of your life where you are infatuated with what some would call silliness, what others would call a feeling, an emotion that cannot be beaten and cannot be subdued.

Sometimes love is made and nurtured, rather than suddenly there.

Love can’t get in the way of dreams that you’ve had all your life.
Love doesn’t have to make you inseparable.
Love does mean that you have to support each other
Love can take time and effort
Love has to come from both hearts.

Love can happen.

Love has happened.

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