Saturday, 24 October 2009

Cardboard Window - Ellie Reynard

We live behind a cardboard window
And though I know we’re there
I cannot see for being dazzled
By the trifles of Rapunzel’s hair
I am deaf to huff huff puffing
Blind to games of red black hearts
Scribbling over in my then favourite colour, blue
As this book it falls apart

Once a maid (sort of)
I look again
The window is furling back
Brown wolf chomping down on your axe
As I skin him with my scarlet cape
Spin his fur into a fine dress
Screwing rubies into his nape
And though we prick our fingers once
Just once
The welling of the blood it holds me

I will not make a bargain over any mans name
And if anyone ever presumes to mount MY ivory tower
It’ll be grimm. Real Grimm.

I am red and white and black
And I’m taping down the cardboard flap
Keeping faith in childhood rhymes
My hiding hero
Laughing at my reasons, taking his damn time


Jill said...

Wow Ellie Raynard, this is fantastic, I love your poem :). It reads so well and the language is fantastic. We both did Rapunzel - I find this greatly exciting as I lack a social life ;-]. No weldone, this poem is amazing :) and basically you sound like a proffessional writer to me, if I didn't know you were my age!

Anonymous said...

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