Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Dreaming of You - Ellen MacIver (12P1)

My dreams, nothing but a map of straight lines,
Each one leading straight to where you stand,
Pushing your way into my thoughts,
I see your face drift past my eyes,
Wanting to wake and see you there.
Our conversations always go my way,
It’s always a fairytale,

My eyelids open and all I see is a vacant room,
I wake up, losing you all over again,
Gone…is the image of your face and the emptiness feels so much bigger,
I reach out to reply to you…
Yet the fairytale didn’t come true.
You’re only there in my dreams.

You’ve left me shaking.
Caught up in your spinning dream world,
A million memories, a million dreams, spilling down my face.

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