Wednesday, 17 October 2007

A Requiem For Dreams - Michael Handrick (Y13, St Bart's)

I find it enticingly deceptive
To get lost within the tainted mirror.
Conjure an image of passionate hope,
Reflect hidden sins into a lurid
Fixation of where we destroy the truth.
You think what we view is reality?
On one side it’s an apple of knowledge
The other, a Fall into destruction.
The Dream is Mirrored, two worlds of confusion.

Black with gold glamour and desperate hopes,
Aspirations lost in an abyss.
How they taunt us in sinister delight:
The abandoned dreams, the dreams unachieved.
This is their elegy, of the dreams that
Forever will be reflected in that
Tainted Mirror of deception. It is
Time to wake up, and
Let the mirror Fall.

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