Wednesday, 17 October 2007

I Dream of the Day - Georgia Martin (12D)

I dream of the day when the music will stop
When the ongoing beat of the bass drum will halt
When the bells in my ears will stop ringing.
And screams of the lives being lost will stop singing,

Singing their ongoing song.

Yes, I dream of the day when the music wil lstop;
The same piece keeps playing – still more lives being lost
And the guns that continue to fire.
And the tears from their innocent eyes keep on running,

Running away from the pain and the fear
How I wish that the music would stop.

But the beat of the drum it keeps playing.
So the rest of the band it plays on.

How I dream of the day when the shooting will end
When supplies will run out
No more troops left to send
And the headlines report something new.


SILENCE. It echoes for a split. Second before the beat of the drum starts all over again
How I dream that this music would stop.

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Peri said...

Keep up the good work.