Saturday, 6 October 2007

Untitled - Prince Jiju (7E2)

What does the future hold for me?
More pain, more worry, more depression?
Watching the day drift by,
I sit and think about my past. My happy past.
All my hopes, my will, my pride,
All have been locked behind steel bars.
Bars that cannot be broken.

I have been shunned by many,
why you ask?
All because of a rare disease.
A rare disease preventing me from sleeping.
A rare disease that they do not want to catch.
Dreams are a strange and beautiful thing.
They are a sort of paradise, which I never realised till now.
Even in nightmares I will find comfort.
Dreams are a man’s only safe haven.
Take that away and you may not as well be alive.
Even the lowest of slaves can be free in his dreams.
I know I am dying anyway.
At least in death, I hope, may I be in peace.

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