Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Dreams as a Nightmare - Katie Crooks Smith (12P)

They say however bad it gets,
You’ll always have your dream.
In sleep you can escape, however bad it seems.
But every time I dream, I know again I’ll have to wake.
I’ll have to face another day.

And the darkness of the night,
Just makes the light hurt so much more.
The perfection in my dreams,
Just makes reality much worse.

Your lips, so sweet, that kiss me as I sleep
Only make the air taste bitter when I wake
Your arms that hold me through the night
Only show me how alone I am in life
You show me something great, then just snatch it back away,
The laughter in my dreams, it turns to tears once I awake.

I dream of love, I dream of peace,
Of everything that’s out of my reach
I dream of joy, I dream of you,
These dreams too perfect to ever come true

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