Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Dreams: Welcome to the Ride - Faye Selby (Y11, Trinity)

Roll up, roll up, and welcome to the ride,
The entry came with night –
So buckle up and get ready
For joy, for hope, for fright.
I am a fragile entity,
Who’ll shatter with the day
You come to me with grief and woe
And I take the hurts away.
I am a predator with fangs of steel
All cloaked and armed to kill
I’ll tear away all humanity
And still won’t have my fill.
There’s no one who comes into my clutches
No child who’ll fail to blunder,
That I won’t grant with perfect joy,
Or rip that joy asunder.
And when morning breaks, the new dawn comes,
And I’ve slipped away and died…
Be sure to visit tomorrow night –
So welcome to the ride.


Anonymous said...

vey good well done

G.R.Evans said...

Thanks anonymous - we appreciate it :). But don't be shy - tell us who you are, and what you particularly liked about it.

Me, I like the balance of the whole poem and how it's so even handed. But mainly I like the bit about being a predator with fangs of steel.