Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Dreams - Amy Budd (Y9, Park House)

When my head hits the pillow,
I’m asleep in a jiffy,
To recharge my body and rest my brain,
The day’s encounters run reel to reel.
The comments in English,
The homework in Maths,
A scramble of words,
A jumble of mess.

As the curtains billow in the cool autumn breeze,
My mirrors of life are an endless tease,
Will I be famous?
Will I be rich?
Will I win awards on the hockey pitch?

Will I encounter the man of my dreams?
Or will it be a gargoyle in a pair of jeans?

A dream is a wish that you cannot ask for,
It’s a hope that dances in your head,
A song to the moon and a moment to swoon.

Tomorrow you wake do you remember the dream?
The man in Armani or the nerd in pastrami.

To remember with hope that they may come true,
So you wait for bed to continue the story,
Hoping for pride and glory,

My head hits the pillow I’m asleep in a jiffy.

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