Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Two-Faced Minds - Chris Bloomfield (Y12, St Bart's)

The windows close and finally my mind is working again.
I ride the rainbow rollercoaster and soar off into the beyond,
I race the stars and shoot across the cosmos,
I dance in the Milky Way and take the centre stage,
The audience applauds me and I see their faces full of happiness and joy.
And I am loved by all.

All of a sudden rose petals fall from above.
They are full of life and colour and they fall only for me.
For a moment I am a legend, I am a star.

But something changes.

The centre stage collapses into a heap of broken hearts,
The rainbow disappears and is replaced with cruelty and malice,
The crowd’s cheers have been replaced with hatred and abuse,
Their faces change into lifeless, malevolent scars with no hope and no freedom.
The petals are dead and motionless,
And when they touch me I am burnt and pain sears through my body.

I am imprisoned inside my mind.
And darkness engulfs me.
And darkness engulfs me.

The windows open.

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