Wednesday, 17 October 2007

The Limits of Man - Aidan Clifford (Y12, St Bart's)

I am a nocturnal genius, reeking of ideas, drowning in new principles
Sweating the ignorance out of myself in a shameless sleeping purge
I balance ambitions on a needle point, sink equations into my veins

My pupils dilate with inspiration, it pushes against my skull
I collect it in pools and write it in fluid words that would sway you

It hurts me that you are blind to this, that you cannot perceive my dreams
But I will forget I am a genius; in waking I will be unremarkable, it will not hurt so much
I dream myself unique; can disregard my masculinity and the sickness in the world

How can I illuminate my dreams for you? Project them like a film reel
I want them to be crucified in the sky and see all other human endeavour eclipsed
Quickly! Before the everyday shatters my grand thinking, my revelations
In my waking hours I degenerate into a frustrated madness, trying to reproduce my brilliance
All I am left with is shadows

I try coating myself in my innovation, wrap myself in dirty bedclothes,
My tongue is tied to ordinary proclamations, my mind impotent, my thoughts mundane
What riddle are these dreams which bless me when I cannot articulate word or action?
Then I am hauled into this imbecilic state, drooling in my ineffectiveness; altogether ordinary

My dreams are all I cannot express; all that strays beyond what I can say and all I can be
You will never hear those words

Woman, my dreams are a love song to you

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Shea Kang said...

Never let go of your dreams and keep on inspiring people :)